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Deliriums Party A Little Endless Storybook Hardcover

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(W/A/CA) Jill Thompson. The diminutive versions of the Endless from Neil Gaimans SANDMAN mythos are back by popular demand in DELIRIUMS PARTY: A LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK. In an effort to rid Despair of her unhappiness once and for all, Little Delirium throws a party for her dour sister and invites siblings Dream, Destruction, Death, Destiny and Desire. But this is no ordinary affair. Were talking about a party planner who is the personification of delirium, so you can only imagine that this event will be as outrageous and unpredictable as Little Deliriums haircolor. But whether Deliriums party will be a smashing success or whether it will end in tears is anyones guess. Brought to life through whimsical prose and watercolor by multiple award-winner Jill Thompson, DELIRIUMS PARTY: A LITTLE ENDLESS STORYBOOK will be an affair to remember for all time and all ages. .

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